Ahola Beautiful Beings

My name is Raven and I was born a strong feeler, empath and intuitive, my life experiences has lead me to understand that we have more resources beyond our 5 senses to support us on this journey of life . Through many  “wake up calls” , spiritual awakening and life lessons I have discovered  that we are multidimensional beings and there are many layers and dimensions in our healing path to live again from a place of love . Also we were all born with our own compass or internal GPS to navigate life living from a place of purpose that our heart and soul came back to live in this lifetime. I have come to an understanding through my own journey that we do sometimes need help to clear away the fog for us to see it for ourselves, as we are not made to do it all by ourselves.

My 10 year career in the healing arts of massage, breathwork ,  mindfulness, dance, trauma therapy, energy medicine, West and East influences as well exploring my personal archetypes and my gifts beyond my 5 senses has lead me down a path of healing , understanding and transforming my many traumatic experiences in my life and release them with blessings, as I remind myself that there is wisdom in old wounds. There is no better teacher in life than having the opportunity of living through the experience personally, this is the only way you can somewhat grasp or hold space for someone else in time of need. This creation is dedicated to all my teachers that have crossed my path in this lifetime and it is now time to pay forward the wisdom and knowledge learned by their teachings and my life lessons.

I am purely the vessel of support that will be facilitating you on your own souls journey, by empowering you with tools and resources, by creating a safe space for honest and real conversation and to listen from a neutral standpoint as I have seen , experienced  and heard many life stories,  my job is purely to hold space and clear the fog for you to see, realize and absorb that you have your own answers within.

Mahalo Blessings